Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sketchbook Experiments

I really haven't been in the mood to post much work. It's been a much more personal semester. But I would like to share some successful sketchbook and media combination experiments- in hopes that you might get some ideas for your own work or fun experiments! I want to be a more helpful person, so I am going to be writing more tips and techniques on this blog when I can. 

(gesso, acrylic, and embroidery flos)
Yes, you can in fact take a needle and thread and stitch right through a sketchbook page!

Victor Maury
(graphite, gesso, acrylic, goldleaf)

If you put a thin layer of white gesso over some rich acrylic washes and shapes, the color will show through and add a cool atmospheric texture. 

Also, try spraying that awesome graphite drawing with workable fixative or matte fixative spray (outside) and then working over it with acrylic washes or whatever you wish!

Daisy Buchanan 
(Oil rub/ oil paint, colored pencil, gesso)

If you smear a thin amount of oil paint on top of a spray fixed graphite drawing, you can get some good results working with gesso, acrylic and especially colored pencil on top of that when it dries. (That thin oil layer if referred to as an "Oil Rub.")

A November Garden
(Acrylic and micron)

Instead of drawing from pictures of plants on the internet, go out into nature and make some real life plant friends! Nature will forever be a better designer than you, so you might as well learn from the best.  

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