Friday, March 28, 2014

Meanwhile Comic

I created this short narrative a couple months ago as a contribution to the annual Meanwhile Comic book. Despite it's length, making this was a laborious process and took me quite some time to put together. 

(media: charcoal, graphite and digital)

This story is personal to me, but you can interpret it whatever way you please. 

Bernadette the Brave

Bernadette gets lost and scared in a crowd when life is too much. She imagines that the swarms of people around are a forest of trees to cope.

As she walks through the imagined trees, she sees that they all have unique faces like the people in the crowd. 

Bernadette comes across one in particular with a doorknob, It beacons to her with a golden light. She opens the face and climbs inside. 

There she finds a golden world. 

This world is wonderous, as if it was made just for Bernadette. It is a place of serenity, safety, curiosity and beauty. 

However, back in the forest of faces, danger awaits. Another has found his way into Bernadette's mind. The danger wields an axe and finds the tree with the golden world. 

As he takes his axe to Bernadette's tree, everything within her worlds splits, including her body. But from her body comes the source of the golden light. Bernadette holds the power to fight back. 

This is your world. You may be small, and it's okay to be afraid. Bt know that when fear is crippling and invades your heart, you have the ultimate power to fight back and conquer. 

I also had the honor to be featured as the front and back cover of the comic this year.

We successfully distributed around 1,600 copies of the comic at Megacon in Orlando this past weekend and had a wonderful time! :) 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

People People People!

People, people, and more people! I've been in a bit of art molasses with other projects, and these characters just started coming out naturally. I love when things happen like that. It gives me hope!

These started of as doodles, then I experimentally flushed them out with loose watercolor washes, colored pencil, white and black gesso, and some microns. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bat Rider

It's been a while since I've posted work, but I've ben working (and playing) none the less! Sometimes it's important for my creative process to not post as much on the internet. I find it valuable to take some time to develop without receiving outward validation. However, I love sharing art, and I love all of you. Everything has it's time. 

This illustration is a "Bat Rider" drawn with various ink marks. Although a very laborious process, I find inking incredibly calming and melodic. It was also nice looking back on my pictures of Paris to find good window reference. 

Here are some closeups on the marks.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve Gratitude

My gift to you this Christmas Eve, is my sincere gratitude, and a wish that wherever you are, you are able to find some light and warmth this winter. All winter holidays that we celebrate are a way to bring some life into a very cold and dead time of year. Thank you for your support throughout all the earth's seasons from the bottom of my heart. I love you all, Happy Holidays!

And here is a process gif if you are interested!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sketchbook Experiments

I really haven't been in the mood to post much work. It's been a much more personal semester. But I would like to share some successful sketchbook and media combination experiments- in hopes that you might get some ideas for your own work or fun experiments! I want to be a more helpful person, so I am going to be writing more tips and techniques on this blog when I can. 

(gesso, acrylic, and embroidery flos)
Yes, you can in fact take a needle and thread and stitch right through a sketchbook page!

Victor Maury
(graphite, gesso, acrylic, goldleaf)

If you put a thin layer of white gesso over some rich acrylic washes and shapes, the color will show through and add a cool atmospheric texture. 

Also, try spraying that awesome graphite drawing with workable fixative or matte fixative spray (outside) and then working over it with acrylic washes or whatever you wish!

Daisy Buchanan 
(Oil rub/ oil paint, colored pencil, gesso)

If you smear a thin amount of oil paint on top of a spray fixed graphite drawing, you can get some good results working with gesso, acrylic and especially colored pencil on top of that when it dries. (That thin oil layer if referred to as an "Oil Rub.")

A November Garden
(Acrylic and micron)

Instead of drawing from pictures of plants on the internet, go out into nature and make some real life plant friends! Nature will forever be a better designer than you, so you might as well learn from the best.  

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Cheer!

This year I took the time to design a halloween greeting card! Bats are best. 

I hope everyone had a marvelous Halloween! To wrap up the season, here are Boogie's boys, Lock, shock, and Barrel doing a jig. (Characters belong to Tim Burton of course)